The school is situated in a peaceful environment away from the dust and din and hustle and bustle. The school has a well structured well maintained attractive two storeyed building. There are 32 spacious well ventilated class rooms. The school is provided with Audio visual aids like projectors, DVD’s, CD’s to make teaching more appealing and effective. We have a computer lab which facilities for practical learning for the children of class I to class 10. The school has a good library with many books catering to the needs of teachers and students. A well equipped science lab helps the children to learn naturally with the visual aids. Regular physical training, games and sports are conducted in a big and open play ground.

Student Counseling

In order to provide counseling services to the students, a student counselor is appointed. This provides programs and services designed to assist students in achieving emotional well being necessary for success. The school’s mission is to help students manage academic and personal demands more effectively. Students are given an opportunity to discuss their problems and to learn skills and coping mechanisms to deal with them.


We provide a good transport support through a net work of five routes. The route maps are provided at the time of admission.

Soft Skills

For the all round development of the students we have introduced the soft skills programme in our curriculum. Separate period is allotted for skills to enhance the student’s interaction, behavioral competency, communication skills, team building, etc. It helps them to exhibit their inborn talents and to make them capable to compete with others in the competitive world.

Talent Search

Series of innovative programmes are introduced for the qualitative development of the students. As a parameter to measure their intelligence and to see their place in comparison with other school students, the students are given chance to take part in Unified Council State Level and National Level Science Talent Exam and Cyber Olympiad Exam and other competitive exams.


Examinations are a crucial part of the educational process. Some form of assessment is necessary to determine the effectiveness of the students. Recommendations regarding to reduce emphases on external examination and encourage, internal assessment, continuous and comprehensive evaluation is introduced. The internal assessment or evaluation conducted by our school is of greater significance and with increasing importance.
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