Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation is known as CCE and it is a newly added education system, which is introduced by the State board. This system is quite worthwhile for students and teachers, as well. Through this system the board can determine students’ learning difficulties and based on that it prescribes suitable remedial steps that enable students to perform well in exams. The word ‘continuous’ is referred as the evaluation of skills and knowledge of students on a continuous basis. This process is designed to make education as a habit not as a onetime event. On the other hand, the word ‘Comprehensive’ means, a useful system, which is designed to enhance students’ aptitude level and attitude with the help of scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

This is a continuous process, which assesses student’s skills and abilities from the starting of their academic year. This unique process is being conducted throughout the year and it is done formally or in an informal way. This useful process is implemented with the help of different techniques of evaluation that measure students’ overall performance in the right way. Through this process a child’s or a student’s performance is not only measured in terms of his/her knowledge, but also his/her participation in different activities including health and physical activities. In a broader way, this process assesses a child’s growth on the basis of scholastic and co-scholastic areas.