Lunch Menu

LUNCH MENU 2017 – 18
Days Lunch Snacks
Monday Any flavored rice (Mint rice/ Fried Rice/ Palak Rice/ Jeera Rice)
Any vegetable Curry with Raitha.
Any seasonal  fruit
Tuesday Daal with leafy vegetable. 
Cabbage/Lady’s Finger fry.
Curd Rice/Butter Milk.
Vegetable  Salad ( carrot, cucumber, beetroot) or
soaked groundnuts with little Jaggery
Wednesday Khichdi with Raitha/ any vegetable curry. Dry fruits or corns
Thursday Chapathi with Potato/ Chole masala/ Meal Maker granules / Curd Rice. Whole wheat bread with jam or butter / Raagi or Oats biscuits
Friday Lemon Rice with groundnut and grated Carrot/ Curd Rice /Butter Milk Any seasonal  fruit