Our Faculty

our-facultyThe destiny of a nation is shaped in the class rooms. Hence, the role of the teacher is of tremendous significance. The staff of St. Mary’s are fully qualified and experienced and are trained in a range of professional skills, like class room control, student discipline, effective speech, body language and in the best use of audio visual educational aids. The staff are not only efficient in teaching but also, effective in moulding the students in the set designed goals of the institution with its motto Love in Service.

S.No Name of the Teacher Qualification Experience Subject
1 B. Sarada B.Sc., B. Ed 34 years Maths and Physics
2 Tresa Jose M.A., B.Ed 34 years English and Social
3 Ch. Adi Laxmi M.A., B.Ed 32 years Maths and Physics
4 V. Ratnamanikyamba B.Sc., B.Ed 33 years Biology
5 M. Nagaratnam B.A., HPT 20  years Hindi
6 K. Sarada M. A., B. Ed 20 years English and Social
7 B. Sridevi M.A. 18 years Telugu
8 Indira Suhasini B.A., B. Ed 15 years Telugu
9 T.M. Anitha George M.A., B. Ed 10 years English
10 K. V Nagamma M.A., B. Ed 13 years Telugu
11 M. Madhavi M.A. 18 years English and Social
12 B. Sarala B. Com., PPTTC 22 years Telugu
13 Charanjeet Kaur M.A.PPTTC 18 years Hindi
14 V.D. Christina Sheeba M.Com, PG (ECE and IRPM) 22 years Eng, Social and Maths
15 B. Lohitha Induvadana B. Sc., M.A. 7 years Social
16 M. Krishna Veni B. Sc 10 years Maths and Science
17 A.Rama Laxmi M. Com, B. Ed 9 years English and Maths
18 K. Asha Latha M. Sc., B. Ed 6 years Science
19 S. Deepa Kumari M.A., B. Ed, HPT 7 years Hindi
20 M. Anusha B.Sc., MCE 4 years Maths
21 S. Uma Devi M. Sc., B. Ed 6 years Maths
22 M. Pushpa M. Sc 1 year Computers
23 K. Rajlaxmi B. Com 1 year Librarian
24 A.Veerababu B. Com., B.P.Ed. 6 years PET
25 K. RajyaLaxmi B.A. 17 years English, Sci and Social
26 K. Madhuri B. A., B. Ed 6 years Maths
27 T. Anitha D.ECE 18 years Eng, Maths and Sci
28 B. Rajini M.A., B. Ed 15 years Science and Social
29 P. Bala B.A., PPTTC 17 years Telugu
30 Y. Tulasi Rani B.Com 17 years Primary (all subjects)
31 I.Krishnaveni B.A., PPTTC 14 years Maths and Science
32 D. Jyothi B.Sc., B.Ed 16 years English and Maths
33 K. Vaishali Sharma B.A., B.Ed 8 years Primary (all subjects)
34 V. Sushma B. Tech 6 years Primary (all subjects)
35 B. Sangeeta MCA 1 year Primary (all subjects)
36 R. Satyavathi M. Com 12 years Pri-school coordinator
37 K. Sharmila Intermediate, PPT 4 years Art and Craft
38 Ch. Paandu B.Com, U.Gd., P.Ed 10 years PET
39 C. Ratna Kumari Intermediate 23 years Pre-primary
40 G. Vijaya B.Com 4 years Pre-primary
41 P. Kala Sarvani B.Com 3 years Pre-primary
42 A. Rama Devi B. Sc., B. Ed 1 year Pre-primary
43 V. Shashikala B.Sc., 8 years Pre-primary
44 K. Ranjani B. A. 2 years Pre-primary
45 G. Vijaya Lakshmi M. Sc 6 years Pre-primary
46 L. Sujatha Intermediate, D.Ed 7 years Nursery
47 M. Uha B.Sc 2 year Nursery
M. Sunitha Assessment, Parent Coordinator & Transport Incharge
K. Satya Gowri Fee Collection & Campus Incharge
T.M. Anitha George High School Coordinator and Academic Incharge