Student Council

The mission of the St. Mary’s High school Student Council is to empower students to play a vital role in the life of STM through leading special events, engaging the school community in Student activities, present the views and promote the general welfare of the school through sound Leadership.

Serving in leadership roles will enable students an opportunity to develop their skills while becoming responsible moral leaders.

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2017-18 Leaders Of Class IX and X

Our Student Council Comprises of

Student Council Leaders Student Name
Student Pupil Leader (SPL) – G Manish Reddy
Asst Student Pupil Leader (ASPL) – R Sai Sharvani
Games Captain – A Rakesh
Asst Games Captain – B Dhanush Chowdhary
Red Group Captain – G Vamshidhar Reddy
Asst Red Group – P Pavan Kumar
Blue Group Captain – Shivani Gautam
Asst Blue Group – B Ganghadhar Saketh
Green Group Captain – N Sneha
Asst Green Group – Md Fayaz
Yellow Group Captain – P Manoj Goud
Asst Yellow Group – M Aditya