Student Council

The mission of the St. Mary’s High school Student Council is to empower students to play a vital role in the life of STM through leading special events, engaging the school community in Student activities, present the views and promote the general welfare of the school through sound Leadership.

Serving in leadership roles will enable students an opportunity to develop their skills while becoming responsible moral leaders.

The new Student Cabinet Members assigned with different ministries. This ministries are formed to instruct the students about “democracy’ to learn how it works, how to make decisions for themselves, how to work together, learn selfishness doesn’t work, learn sharing does, learn to take responsibility.

Student Cabinet Members 2019 – 20 of Class IX and X.

Our Student Cabinet Comprises of

SPL [Cabinet Leader] – K.V. S.S. Anish – X
Asst Student Pupil Leader (ASPL) – P. Reshma Reddy – IX
Speaker – M. Chandra Kiran Reddy – X
Games Captain – Y. Nishanth – X
Asst. Games Captain – I. Karthik – IX
Education Minister P. Mounishanjani – X
Deputy Ministers – G. Chinmayi – IX – P. Reshma Reddy – IX
Health Minister J. Manogna – X
Deputy Ministers – T. Mahalaya – IX – Khyathi – IX
Home Minister M.N. Nikitha X
Deputy Ministers – K.V. Niranjan Reddy – IX
Sports Minister Y. Nishanth – X
Deputy Ministers – K. Krupa Johnson – X – C. Ashwindh – IX
External Affairs Minister K. Poojith Sai – X
Deputy Ministers – Ansh Solanki -IX
Cultural Affairs Minister A. Sai Neha K. Sruthi Priya
Deputy Ministers – M. Sudev Samuel – X – N. Selva Raj Das – IX
Transport Minister K. Ravi Chandrika – IXA
Deputy Ministers – K. Ravi Chandrika – IXA
BLUE A. Harshan – X
GREEN M. Indumathi – X
RED P. Mahanthi – X
YELLOW M. Chandra Kiran Reddy – X