Success Timeline

Sai Navya Puttagunta, Alumni 2006


“Encouraging Environment to think unique and an overall development where studies aren’t a burden.”  This is what I can say about my school in one sentence.I had studied the best 3 years of my school life where I was focused to do things in a unique way. Never took studies as a burden in fact I enjoyed both my studies & extra circular activities together. Learned how to lead a group, how to respect people around you, to stand up confidently on my goals. Being a leader in the school had carved me in a distinct way even which is imbibed in me till date.I still remember how we were motivated by our principal Mrs. Krishnaveni in the aspects of studies and also about life science.For a successful person his/her home, teachers play a role in their life and I say yes I have got very influential teachers in my school.Thanking all my teachers and the school for what they have framed me during my school life.