Teaching Process

teaching-methodologyOne of the major concerns of parents today is how best to prepare their children for future with an ability to face the challenges of life. In this context the schools have to play a very significant role.

With this end in view St. Mary’s has initiated thought provoking, meaningful scientific education and a drive against cramming and homework. This process develops intellectual faculties of the child, and trains the child to learn without burden and learn quite naturally. Top priority is given to on the theory of psycho – linguistics and the practice based on situational and structural approaches. Our work is a creative endeavor and not the monotonous exercise of repetitive process in an uncongenial atmosphere. We strongly believes that today’s existing corporate system really overburdens the students and does not give enough chances to exhibit their talents. We produce excellent results in S.S.C public exams without burdening the students with emotional pressure, corporal punishments, or with exhaustive physical strain.